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VIM settings and config files
VIM settings and config files

Everything you ever wanted to know about VIM's settings and config files.

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VIM for Windows

  • The application-specific settings file is here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VIM\Desktop

    • Open settings.json:

      • List of recent files

      • Show HUD for navigation controls

      • Clash default for co-planar

      • Clash default for self-intersecting

  • The Vulkan render config file (embedded in the application) is here: C:\Program Files\VIM\Desktop\Runtime

    • Open Settings.attr

      • IBL source

      • IBL blur value (makes the VIM project the focus)

      • Render start size

      • Render start size when the computer is in low-power mode

      • Staging memory size - the size of the buffers used for copying data between the CPU and GPU

      • Draw count fallback - forces the code path that works around there being no indirect draw count extensions

      • Vsync option

      • Camera near and far planes

      • CullMode - cull back-facing triangles, front-facing triangles, or neither

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